Photos of the 2010 Williamsburg Meet 

Monument at Jamestown Island


Dan - It all started with our gracious and most generous host...... THE MAN.


You never know what you might find lurking in the parking lot of an IHOP

It was HOT!
The gang gets some shade and some water at Jamestown Island.

Outside the Jamestown Glasshouse
Colte, No-Yes, NikkiFox and Dan. It's best NOT to ask what's in the brown paper bags.

A FINE sandwich
NikkiFox, Finewine and Lois

After Dinner at Peking Buffet
The group begins to waddle out of the Peking Restaurant. In just one hour, they will be hungry again.

Colte and Mickie
Who's LION to who?

The next batch of waddlers
Barbie, Colte, Drclean, Nikki, No-Yes and Kayo

The party continues
Good conversation continues at the luxurious Motel 6. Finewine (seated), Virtualman, Drclean, Barbie and of course Peeping Dan just outside the window.

Typical View of Colte
This is how we saw Colte most of the week. A cigarette in one hand and a tray of victuals in the other.

Virtually Real
Nikki looks on as "Virtual Man" holds "The Real Thing" 

Kayo leads the charge to the cooler in Dan's trunk.

JS - Replica ships in the harbor. Can you spot Nikki and Kayo?

Colonial Williamsburg Visitor's Center
Dan, Mark, John, Jan, Bob

Nap Time For MAD

Ready To Escape
Tarzan talks to Jane about escaping from the cage. Note Cheeta on the far right.