Photographs of Roomie's Meetings in early years

A group of the original Treehouser's at a get
together in 2003
Back L to R  
Front L to R Softehearted

A   gathering of some friends from  treehouse
Front Row: Little Rascal [her mum] Sue
Back Row: Meshell [her cousin]Cathy, Colte, Smileforu

Dan the Man and Fred meet up in VA
[Great Shot..TY Fred]
I say nice horse's A..??

A get together by some of the treehouser's in March 2007
first row. lt-rt    smrh45 ,wvfisher, and guest diane
2nd row. lt-rt    meshell_WV, guest lou, (dream
belivers sister) wv kayo, dream believer, and colte45
3rd row. lt-rt   winkwv, ginabobina, wvpatty, stanley49.
and smileforu

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